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  1. Hi Santosh ,

    I know you from my colleges days , and that time also you were always trying to do some thing different means "Ekdam Hatk " .
    Now also you are doing same thing.This is very good to know that you are still used to do so.
    So as you have already started your blog site , definitely you would have already choose some unique topics also.
    As you know I am working in a storage domain so i will choose one topic of my interest.
    Cant we a open forum of topics instead of working with only blogs?

  2. Thanx for your such an encouraging and pretty comments. I think that we both used to do the same.

  3. hi Santosh..can't you hlrp me to increase my blog on google search engine

  4. I am a full time blogger and currently handling more than 10 websites and blogs. I would like to write for your blog on any topic you like.