Apr 26, 2014

How to Find and Remove Broken Links From Your Website

Broken links are links on your website that points to the address which doesn't longer exists. When you click on a broken link it redirect you to the 404 error page of your website. It is status code having numerical value 404 indicate that the pages you are searching for is no longer available.

In simple language Broken links are links on your website that doesn't exist or pointing to the address which doesn't longer exist . For instance, suppose that you have written a post in which you have referenced some URL pointing to other website but after a couple of months the website owner decided to delete that article. Now in that case your link will now be pointing to address which does not longer exist, so it will be considered a broken links and results in 404 status code.

Why you should immediately fix it?

Few days back, I was applied for Adsense to monetize my blog but you will shock to know that my request gets rejected because the site I was applied for was suffering from dead link viral. So it gives a bad impression not only to the visitors but also it leaves a negative impact on your blogging career.

  • Visitors get frustrated if they encounter broken links.

  •  Google doesn’t like websites that contain too many broken links.

  • Your site performance report may degrade day by day.

How to find and fix broken links from your website.

It is not very tough work, it is quite easy to do and takes couple of minutes to detect it. There are many free Broken Links Checker Tools available on the internet using which you can easily check and fix it.

 put the URL of your website, and click on “Find broken links”. Depending on the size of your website you might have to wait for some time. This is the best online checker tools I have used so far.

  • Checks your websites and blogs for dead links
  • Scan an unlimited number of web-pages
  • Validates both internal and external URLs
  • Shows the location of problematic links in your HTML
  • Reports error codes (404 etc) for all bad URLs
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX, and iOS
  • The free version has a 3000-page limit, however there are
  •  No limits on number of hyperlinks within those webpages

Google Webmaster Tools
Using this you can easily find the broken links. For that you need to visit webmaster tools and click on the website you want to check. On the left side bar click on Crawl>>crawl errors. It will show for links which does not exist. To fix them click on mark as fixed.


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