Dec 22, 2013

How to Get Index Your New Blog Post in Google Search Quickly

According to Google a newly written blog post index much faster and quickly in Google search if it get lots of backlinks. But if you own a new blog which is few months older and  lacks in quality backlinks and traffic then you might have to wait for longer time even a week to get your post index in search page. Google generally use to discover links much faster using social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and from many other sources. No doubt Google has added some of the improved and new SEO features for webmasters. Recently we have updated an article on integrating Google Analytics with tracking ID in your blog and in this post you will get to know how to index your newly written bolg post within a minute.


As per my knowledge, Google can fetch upto 500 URL per months and i think that it is not a small number. You can also use this method if you have recently updated your site or you have made any changes associated with your site. Recently have i used this methods for showing author thumbnail in search page.

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Steps to Index your new post quickly by Google Search

  • Login to Goolgle webmaster Tools and click on the website which is on the top right corner of the page. Note that it will show only if you have already added your website in webmaster tools. If you have not added and verify your site then add it first and then proceed further. Click here for login to webmaster tools.
  •  Now under Site Dashboard expand "Crawl" and click on "Fetch as Google" shown in the figure.

  •  After that enter the URL you want to index in the dialogue box. Please note that you don't have to enter full URL, just enter after your domain name and finally click on "fetch".
  •  Now wait for few seconds until a status message will come like this "Your request was completed successfully"
  • Finally you will see your current URL under successful fetch status.
  • Now click on "Submit to index" for adding fetch URL to index.
  Finally you have added your URL to Google index, now wait for a minute and check in Google search page. You can find it using your blog title and then colon followed by title of the page like this: "blogtitle:Page title" or page "title:blogtitle".
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  2. this is the only deal to get indexed at all for new sites.

  3. Very nice article but i have a question. If we use this tool then google drop our SERP Rank & Crawl Rate also.

    1. Actually Google crawler visit one's site on regular basis
      to index new updates in search result. It's all depends
      on how much traffic your site receive, and overall
      site performance. Using this tool you are indexing
      your site in Google manually, in fact you can say
      you are submitting request to crawler to get index
      your new article.

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