Dec 28, 2013

How to Get Dofollow Backlinks from Google Plus and LinkedIn Quickly

LinkedIn and Google Plus the professionals choice! Yes it is considered as first professional choice that connects millions of professionals from around the world. They use to share their thoughts and articles as same as other social sites. No doubt I also use it for the same purpose as others do and I use it like SEO tools to boost my business.

No doubt, it acts as a catalyst in driving quality traffic to my blog and i don't know how much SEO value does it carry for your blog but it's contribution is great for me. But one thing bloggers generally want to know the real SEO value of links offered by these sites. They generally keep different opinion of this link, so lets dig into that according to my observation. Before that lets take a look what Google says about dofollw and its real value:

Get dofollw Backlinks From Google Plus and LinkedIn

Search Engine algorithm depends on the number of links to a website when determining which website should be listed in what order in the search results of any given terms.

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 Now come to the point of observation  -

when you login to LinkedIn generally a share box appear in front of your eyes and as usual written there "Share an Updates". When you share a link right after you say something about your post then it automatically retrieve title along with thumbnail of the post and generates short encryted URL of the post as shown in the figure:

Get Dofollw Backlinks From LinkedIn

Now I want to make sure that these links are dofollow or nofollow. For that I use Firefox add-on called SeoQuake which strike through nofollow links and I see that it striks through title of the post but not original encrypted URL, which means that offered link is dofollow. You can also get dofollow links from comment box of the shared link, so just comment on your post and grab the oportunity.

Way to get dofollow backlinks from PR9 site- Google Plus

Yes, it is little difficult to get dofllow backlinks especially from pagerank NINE site called -G00GLE PLUS

But dont worry we are here to open the ways to dofollow on G+. It offers dofollow from share box and About page.

  • Bloggers generally share a links on G+ in fashion of  [CUT-&-PASTE] which generally Google strike through that link. The better practice is to share a link after post description which is devoid of nofollow.
  • One more way through which you could get a links is through your profile. Open "ABOUT" page and scroll down to "Links". Usually there are two sections called "Links" and "Contributor" section where you can add URL. Add your blog URL in "links" which is followed. Don,t add in contributor section because Google treat this link as nofollow. 
  • The better practice is to make your blog sitemap and add that URL to Google Plus under "Links" in about page.

    Now do you think that it is difficult to get backlinks from PR-9 sites? Absolutely not. So hurry up and grab the opportunity. I hope that you will like this post and you are free to share your untapped ways of making backlinks on this site through "Guest Poost".


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  3. Thank you very much for publishing this article and Google plus has now made links in introduction as nofollow

  4. Excellent tips to gain some high authority back links. But too bad google has patch the do follow links. Hope to learn more from you. Thanks